Elf Bowling Holiday Pack

Elf Bowling Holiday Pack 1.15

Beat all your competitors in a great bowling competition
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If you love bowling, you will get addicted to Elf Bowling. Holiday pack is a special offer of two Elf bowling games in one, Elf Bowling Hawaiian vacation and the Last Insult. Enjoy this great fun game and entertainment helping Santa to beat all his challengers in a bowling tournament. Elves and Mrs. Kringle would like to beat Santa in the Bowling game. Train yourself and try to make strikes to beat your competitors.

This game allows you to play in different difficulty modes, easy, normal and hard. The main objective is to shoot a ball to smash the 10 pins or elves, and make as many points as you can in 10 turns. Rules are the same as in a bowling game, you must smash as many pins as you can, you will have two shots to smash them all. This bowling game has different obstacles and difficulties that will make the game more fun and entertaining. You and your competitors can collect dirty tricks to make your opponent shoot harder. As you can do tricks to your opponents, they can do them as well to you. Some tricks are obstacles on your way, such as oil, magnets, and sand, among others. Some other tricks change the conditions of your shot, like making elves or pins smaller, or making your ball smaller. Some other tricks will be for your benefit, as they will make your ball bigger, elves bigger, or other tricks that will help you to make a better and easier shot.

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